Friday, June 23, 2017

Sumpter June 2017 Meeting Notes

PTC June 2017 Meeting Notes

1.       Welcome and introductions

Attendance: Tony Penrose, Alicia Matson, Jennifer Koenig, Rene Tyson, Jenny Hannant, Ginger Stover, Amy Tanikawa, Michelle Morrow, Kent Eiter, Janet Prats, Ro Ochoa, Karen Ochoa, Jane Morris, Faith Branson

2.                   Approval of May Minutes: Jenny Hannant motioned to approve, Tony Penrose seconded, motion passed.

3.                   School Report Mrs. Prats:

a.2 students (auction winners) were principal for a day-went well

b. Staffing changes for next year: Brittney Oliver moved to LRC , some teachers switched grades that they are going to teach. Mrs. Prats is trying hard to not have any grade blends but won’t know for sure until all students enroll at the beginning of September. If you know someone who is going into Kindergarten PLEASE encourage them to enroll asap.

4.                   Next year’s budget: PTC reviewed each line item in the budget, made adjustments as needed and voted to allocate next year’s budget. Alicia Matson motioned to approve $44,050 for next year’s budget and Jenny Hannant seconded the motion, motion passed.


Thursday, May 25, 2017



News Release from City of Salem
Posted on FlashAlert: May 25th, 2017 8:43 AM

Due to the warm weather forecast for this weekend, splash fountains will begin operation earlier than originally scheduled. The Riverfront fountain will open upon completion of the renovation.

City of Salem self-operating splash fountain hours are listed below. They will operate seven days a week.

Opening May 26, 2017:

10 a.m. -- 8 p.m. Riverfront Park, 200 Water Street NE, upon completion of renovation
10 a.m. -- 8 p.m. River Road Park, 3045 River Road N
12 p.m. -- 8 p.m. Fairmount Park, 650 Rural Street S
12 p.m. -- 8 p.m. Northgate Park, 3575 Fairhaven Avenue NE
12 p.m. -- 8 p.m. Wes Bennett Park, 2200 Baxter Road SE
12 p.m. -- 8 p.m. West Salem Park, 265 Rosemont Avenue NW
12 p.m. -- 8 p.m. Englewood Park, 1260 19th Street NE

For additional information, please contact the Parks Operations office by phone at 503-588-6336, or by email at


Friday, April 21, 2017

Sumpter Parent Club Notes

Sumpter Parent Club Notes

April 2017

Attendance: Jennifer Koenig, Jenny Hannant, Rene Tyson, Alicia Matson, Megan Zacek, Britany Springer, Casie Mendez, Michelle Morrow, Amy Tanikawa, Janet Prats, Tony Penrose, Faith Branson, Nicole Francis, Jennis Sadler, Melissa Wellard

1.       Welcome and Introductions

2.       Approval of March Meeting Minutes: Alicia Matson Motions to approve, Jenny Hannant Seconds, Motion passed.

3.       School Report: Janet Prats reported 567 kids and Rob, the head custodian, left to work at a different school. (He wanted a different shift that was unavailable at Sumpter.)


A parent asked why is the Spinami Toy closed on the playground?  Answer: Sumpter does not have the personal to keep a designated staff member manning that one toy, which is necessary because students continue to use it in an unsafe way. Several other elementary schools are having trouble with this particular purchase (Salem School district installed several of these over the summer), and the District is in negotiations with the toy company to adhere a component that will make the toy more safe to use. There have been three accidents and the District Risk Management team recommended to discontinue use for now.


4.       Treasure’s Report by Alicia: Grand total for Auction/Dinner:  $16, 203.96

Alicia gave a short history of PTC’s money-raising efforts.  She encouraged the PTC to always end the fiscal year with $20,000 in savings because during lean years, the PTC has had to draw on the savings in order to meet the needs of the school.  Traditionally there have been 2 major fund-raisers: Jog-a-Thon in the fall and the Sock-Hop/Auction in May.  Three years ago we separated the Sock-Hop/Auction into two events so now there are 3 main fund-raising events.  In 2008 the jog-a-thon raised 17K. In 2016 it raised 22.5K.  In 2008 the sock-hop Auction raised $6400.  And in 2017 the auction raised 16K.  Keep growing but also, please keep a reserve for the future.

5.       Funds Requests

a.       Gym Renovation proposal: Alicia Matson makes a motion to approve 15k for gym renovation—specifically to purchase a projector/cage/etc to be used for gym and whole-school events. Casie Mendez seconds, motion passed.

b.      Mrs. Allemann requested funds for classroom plants and supplies: Discussion:  Mrs. Allemann requested that the 1st grade teachers be able to use the left-over monies not used on fieldtrips for doing a flower project for mothers.  This request came out of a decision by the first grade teachers to not take the first grade class on a particular field trip this year.  They felt that the main redeeming part of that field trip was planting flowers in pots, and the kids can do this at school without taking as much instructional time.


A discussion ensued about PTC’s desire and commitment to every classroom attending a field trip at least once per year and some parents felt that field trip monies should not be used for on-campus activities. With this in mind, Casie Mendez motioned to donate up to $400 for the first grade’s special project (this is not from field trip money) and Rene Tyson seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Further discussion in regards to defining terms (does “field trip” mean strictly off-campus or not?), as well as redefining how monies are dispersed for field trips need to happen soon. Some teachers said that all the research required to figure costs and options within budgets is very time consuming and doing the leg-work discourages teachers from exploring new and fun field trip ideas. Some PTC members expressed a willingness to research options and to take care of the money part of the field trips so that teachers would not have the extra stress of the money part.  Parents were disappointed to hear that some grades charged the students $2 per person for a field trip earlier in the year. PTC functions to fund these events and wants teachers to let us know if they need more money for a special field trip.

c.       National Administrative Professionals Day gifts: Jennifer Koenig motioned to allocate $40 to  give special gifts to both admin people. Casie Mendez seconds. Motion passed.

d.      National Principal’s Day gift: Jennifer Koenig motioned to approve $20 to spend on a gift. Rene Tyson seconded. Motion passed.

6.       Upcoming Events

April 14th Last DAY to turn in Yearbook Pre-Order form

April 19th Volunteer Appreciation Event in the Library at 4:00

May 1st National Principal’s day

May 1st 5th Food Drive

May 1st Staff Appreciation Week (PTC is doing food on Tue/Thurs. Watch for sign-up genius to help)

May 8th National Nurse Day

May 9th 2017-2018 Sumpter PTC Board Elections

May 19th SockHop at Sumpter

June 1st School BBQ

June 15th 5th Grade Graduation

7.       Other Business:

a.       A parent requested that we change the SOCK HOP to a Hawaiian Luau Party instead. After some discussion it was agreed that this request can be revisited for next year, but much has already been planned, so it is too late to change the theme for 2017

b.      Tupperware fundraiser opportunity—good opportunity to visit for next year.  Possibly host a vender fund-raising event prior to Christmas.