Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cherriots Proposing to eliminate Route 21 which serves SGNA

Here is a letter from a neighbor who is opposed to the cut and ridership statistics from Cherriots.



Cherriots proposing to eliminate Route 21 which serves part of SGNA

Here is a letter from a neighbor who is opposed to the cut and ridership statistics from Cherriots.





Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sumpter Parent Club Meeting Minutes

Sumpter Parent Club Meeting Minutes

Oct  14, 2014

Welcome and Introductions- in attendance: Jennifer Koenig, Julia Sherman, Casie Mendez, Chris Cain, Alicia Matson, Krista Young, McKenzie Trautman, Michelle McAllister, Shannon Elkins, Jessica McAllister, Johnny Deblock, Kim Rasca, Erika Kerr, Brittany Springer, Danielle Ferrera, Nicole Francis, Faith Branson, Michelle Muth. and Janet Prats.


Guest Speaker Julia Sherman- from Girls Scouts came to speak to us regarding starting a Girl Scout troop at Sumpter, for grades K thru 5th.  In order for this to happen we would need parents who are interested in becoming troop leaders, they offer training. A minimum of 5 girls would be needed. If you are interested in having your daughter join a Sumpter Girl Scout troop and or could volunteer to be a leader let us know.


Approval of Sept. Minutes:  Alicia Matson motioned to approve September minutes and Brittney Springer second the motion. Septemberl minutes were voted on and approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  Johnny Deblock reported that $7,273.00 had been deposited from the Jog-a-thon. Jennifer Koenig stated that more money was being counted and more deposits were coming soon.


School Report- Mrs. Prats  reported that we currently have 505 students at Sumpter.  Report cards are coming out at conferences this year so that teachers can go over the new grading system with parents.  The building was rekeyed due to a lost key at the district level.  English language learner students tripled at Sumpter this year.


4th Grade Service Project- Mr. Cain reported that the whole 4th grade class would be working on a Food Drive starting Nov. 1st thru Nov. 20th.  They will then take all the food collected to the Salvation Army to donate to families in need.  All classes will be participating in a Food Drive contest. The top 3 classrooms bringing in the most items will win the following prizes: 1st place: Pizza party and extra recess, 2nd place: Popsicle party and extra recess, and 3rd place Popsicle party.  They are looking to collect pantry items only (nothing that needs to be refrigerated).  We will be sending out a sign up for parent volunteers to help in the counting process.  Mr. Cain requested $175.00 to cover to cost of buses to the Salvation Army and back and to cover the cost of the prizes.  Alicia Matson made a motion to approve, Faith Branson 2nd that motion and it was approved.


IPad Campaign: Mr. Cain, the school’s Technology Coordinator, created a giving page on to try to raise funds for more iPad Minis.  It is titled “HELP!  Building Technology Campaign” as another way for anyone to donate funds for this cause. Mrs. Prats is reminding everyone that when you log in to this site that it will be not found under “Sumpter”, but rather under Chris Cain’s name and it will ask for the zip code, 97306 to give any donation. This information can be found on the school website as well.


Committee Reports- Box Tops: Jennifer Koenig reported that the Box Tops contest was going on thru February but that one of the deadlines to mail in the Box Tops was coming up at the end of October. She asked if anyone would like to volunteer to help count the Box Tops.  Three people volunteered to help with this big task, Alicia Matson will do B Kiva, Casie Mendez will do A Kiva, and Krista Young will do C Kiva.


Book Fair is coming up on Oct. 20th thru 20th, with a dress up as a book character on Tuesday Oct. 21st and Trick or Treat around Sumpter to all the classrooms. We hope to see you all there.


Fund Requests- Jennifer Koenig requested $400 more to cover expenses for the Jog-a-thon,  Alicia Matson made a motion to approve and Jessica McAllister 2nd the motion, it was approved.


Other Business- We are looking for someone or a few people who know how to write grants who could help out in this area.  If you are interested please contact us.

Possible fundraiser idea was a clothing drive where there is a company that pays per pound.  Michelle Muth is looking into this idea.
We are looking for another childcare provider to help watch the children while we meet each month. We currently have one person. We pay $10 per meeting and the person must be in 7th grade or higher to help out.  If interested please email us.

Meeting adjourned at 5:02pm. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 18th at 4:00pm.

Submitted by Jennifer Koenig





Thursday, October 9, 2014

Creekside Phase 14

This is an application to modify the Golf Club Estates at Creekside Planned Unit Development (Case No. PUD03-1) by further dividing property located in the 6200 to 6400 blocks of Lone Oak Road SE into 23 lots.  The application includes a request to allow portions of the street grade of Lone Oak Road to exceed 8 percent.


  Case Manager:   Bryce Bishop, Planner II