Thursday, June 18, 2015

National Night Out


Salem is gearing up for block parties all over town!


National Night Out block party registrations started just over six weeks ago, and Salem already has 71 block parties registered, and it's just mid-June. It's great to see all the enthusiasm and community unity against crime!

If you have a little time in the announcements section of your meetings, please consider taking a moment to remind neighbors about National Night Out. Block parties are a great way to fortify neighborhood relationships, or a great way to reconnect them! 

Information about Salem's National Night Out can be found here.



In case you're wondering block party breakdown by NA, here it is as of Tuesday afternoon:


West Salem, 16 block parties
South Gateway, 12
Northeast Neighbors, 9

Highland, 5
Morningside, 5
Faye Wright, 3
Lansing, 3

Northgate, 3 block parties
Sunnyslope, 2
Grant, 1


The remaining neighborhood association areas do not have any block parties registered, so far! Please remember the registration deadline is July 24, 2015, but if neighbors want a visit from a NNO Police Team, please advise them that early registration is the key!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sumpter Parent Club Meeting Minutes June 2, 2015

Sumpter Parent Club Meeting Minutes June 2, 2015


In Attendance:  Michelle Muth, Jennifer Koenig, Karen Macedo, Jessica McAllister, Alicia Matson, Jenny Hannant, Krista Young, Michelle McAllister, Shannon Elkins, Sarah Harrison, Brittany Springer, Melissa Stinson, Johnny Deblock, Christine Deblock, Aleah Clark, Faith Branson, and Chris Cain.


Approval of May meeting minutes:  Alicia Matson made a first motion to approve, Faith Branson made a second motion and the meeting minutes were approved


School Report: Janet was unable to attend today’s meeting but Michelle went over the tentative teacher class assignments for next school year, please keep in mind these can change over the next few months due to student enrollment and staffing hires.


Kinder - Kelley Cary with Beth Kenagy A7

Kinder - Karen Ochoa with Karla Miller A5

Kinder - Stephanie Anderson with Kim Epling A6

1st grade -  Katelin Lomax A3

1st grade - Kelsie Skogstad A1

1st grade - Britini Oliver A2

1st & 2nd Blend - Lori Allemann A4

2nd grade - Peggy Mischke B6

2nd grade - Meghan Harrison B2

2nd grade - Amy Bandonis B1

3rd grade - Karen Stanerson B4

3rd grade - Connie Platz B3

3rd grade - Debbie Kennard B5

4th grade - Vacant C2

4th grade - Jessica Morgan C3

4th & 5th grade - Chris Cain C1

5th grade - Ro Ochoa C4

5th grade - Katy Naff & Erika Kerr (Katy to be .5 Sumpter Effective Teacher Coach & .5 classroom teacher) (Erika will be .5 teacher)

K1&2 EGC - Vacant

Music - Vacant


Treasurer’s Report:  Johnny Deblock reported that we currently have $38,734.75 in the parent club account with another $5,000 from Sock Hop being deposited.  We have some more expenses from the Sock Hop and Auction to be paid out as well as the yearbooks invoice and sales to record soon.  Jennifer Koenig presented a proposed budget for next year as follows:


Proposed Budget for 2015-2016

Classroom Accounts $7,500

Field Trips                 $7,000

Artist in Residence  $2,200

Staff Appreciation    $250

Music/PE                 $400 ($200 each)

Childcare                 $180

Total                        $17,350.00


Classroom accounts was discussed and Johnny Deblock made a first motion to give each classroom $500 each at a total of $10,000 for classroom accounts, Ginger Stover second this motion and it was approved.  This money will be available for teachers to purchase classroom supplies this summer so they have what they need when school starts in September.  The rest of the budget was not voted on at this time. The rest of the budget will be discussed at September’s meeting.  Jane Morris the chairperson for the Climate Committee had asked parent club to put in a budget line of $500 for next year’s budget a few months ago. That was discussed and it was decided to ask the committee to put a proposal together with exactly how much they will need to purchase the wrist bands, buttons, and card stock for the achievement awards.


Vote for Next Year’s Board:  The ballots were passed out and the following people were voted into office for the 2015-2016 school year:


President - Brittany Springer

Vice President - Jenny Hannant

Treasurer - Alicia Matson

Secretary - Rene Tyson


Committee Reports:  Campbell’s Soup/Box Tops - Jennifer Koenig announced that Mrs. Harrison’s 2nd grade class won the Labels for Education contest and will be having their prize of a pizza party on Thursday June 4th. $1,942.70 was earned for Sumpter this year from Box Tops. Great job everyone and keep collecting those box tops over the summer.


Sock Hop:  Michelle Muth and Jennifer Koenig reported about a $5,000 profit from the Sock Hop this year. It seemed that attendance was up this year, maybe due to the weather. The food truck seemed to be a big hit, we did get comments on their line being too long of a wait, the company we used this year did say they would bring another person next year if we used them again to help expedite. Several people suggested having two food trucks to help with long lines and give people a variety. Most companies that were contacted for this event wanted us to pay them a minimum of $200 to come, but G Gourmet who we did use, did not charge us a fee and even donated $100 of their profits to our parent club so we can look into trying to find another food truck who would come but that might not be possible to find.

Calendar - BBQ - June 3rd

Field Day - June 9th - Jane Morris has sign up sheets for volunteers for this event at the front desk of the office.

Family Movie Night - June 12th 6pm in the gym - We are needing a few parent volunteers to help run this event. Please contact if you are interested in helping out.


Volunteer Opportunities - Yearbook Sales - This appears to be all covered

                                         End of Year BBQ -

                                          Field Day


Funds Request:  Parent Club had promised Mr. Lewis that we would try to purchase a new set of risers each year if possible. Since we have a surplus of money at this time Sarah Harrison made a first motion to approve to pay for another set of risers for the music department (approx. $850), Johnny Deblock second the motion and it was approved.


Other Business:Johnny Deblock made a motion to approve the name change to the parent club bylaws to read Sumpter Parent Teacher Club, Karen Macedo second this motion, and it was approved.


A date for next year’s Jog-a-thon was discussed and Oct. 2nd is tentatively set for this event.


The next parent club meeting will be on Tuesday September 15th time is TBA.