Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sumpter Parent Club Notes

Sumpter Parent Club Notes

October 13, 2015, 5:00pm

Introductions: Brittany Springer, Jenny Hannant, Alicia Matson, Jennifer Koenig, Faith Branson, Julie Cavanaugh, Shannon Elkins, Sarah Harrison, Tabbi Lambert, Brittany Perkins, Melissa Wellard, Saudhya Shrestha, Lori Zerr, Casie Mendez, Shannon Eastin, Amanda Montoya, Ginger Stover, Cassandra Nitti, Gloria Flager, Ro Ochoa, Erica Kerr, Chris Cain

Budget-Review/explanation for how to read the budget.  Jog-a-thon Net aprox $16,500

Discussion of building a cafeteria: Research must happen before we plan to build one—would anyone be willing to do research? (find grant monies available, district requirements, bids, etc . estimated cost from research 2 years ago--$250k.)

Discussion of why we need a new playground:

Current playground is falling apart and small compared to the number of kids who attend Sumpter.  Principal has names of schools that just built new playgrounds for $30k.  It is a “doable” project  for the parent club this year! If you want to be on the “playground task force contact PTC President, Brittney Springer (through school or reply to PTC email).

Fund request:

-Gloria Flager: $200 for bus for an additional 4th grade field trip to Salvation Army.  Sharon Elkins motions to pass, Brittany  Perkins seconds, passed

-After dark party –94 qualified! Request for funds (no more than $200) to purchase food. Jenny Hannant motions to pass, Jennifer Koenig seconds, passed

-Jane Morris asking for funds to purchase a new iPad for Gym use. Proposed, $100 from Jane's budget to pay for the iPad and Parent club would cover the rest up to $300. Motion: ___________ Second__________

Outdoor School update:

Dates: June 1st-3rd  Total needed (to cover students, busses and substitute teachers at Sumpter) is $6000.  PTC will allocate $1500.  What are some fundraising ideas?  Shannon Elkin and Sarah Harrison will head-up two fundraisers back-to-back before holidays: wreath sales and candle sales .

Other Fundraiser Opportunities:

PARENT NIGHT OUT KIDS PARTY IN! 6pm-9pm December 4.  Parents drop off kids to the school after dinner for activities, etc.  Discussion of cost: $30/kid or $60/family

Off-Site Auction:  End of February/1st of March date tba.  Keep price point low $25/person.  If you want to be on the committee for auction donations send an email to the parent club.  If you have items to donate please send an email to parent club.  Items needed for donation:  LOTS!!!  If you work a trade, consider your time as an item to donate—(example, 1hr handyman services, etc.) 

School Report:

540 students-- added classes( because of all-day kinder, and more first graders)to accommodate the number of kids.  Team Builder Tuesday is getting better—soon more content will be added for students.  Over-all transitions are going great!