Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sumpter Parent Club Agenda

Sumpter Parent Club Agenda

January 13, 2015


1.    Welcome and Introductions


2.    Approval of December 2014 Minutes


3.    Treasurer’s Report


4.    School Report – Ms. Prats


5.    Auction Update


6.    Committee Reports

Boxtops/Campbell’s Labels
Book Fair

School Store


7.    Calendar

Offsite Auction – February 15th – committee updates, approval of budget

Soc Hop – Date

Teacher Appreciation Committee – Co-Chair with Deana Tornow-Satrum


8.    Volunteer Opportunities

*Auction Committee

*Soc Hop

*Teacher Appreciation


9.    Funds Requests: 

Jennifer Koenig – Auction Supplies


10. Author Visit – PTC fund this event?


11. Other Business

*Purchase Computer for PTC?



Monday, January 12, 2015

Work begins on I-5 Kuebler Interchange Project

January 9, 2015                                                   For more information: Lou Torres (503)986-2880
1-5-R2                                                          email at: mailto:  
Work begins on I-5 Kuebler Interchange Project
Clearing and grubbing to begin next week around interchange

SALEM A contractor working for the Oregon Department of Transportation will begin work on the I-5 Kuebler Interchange Project starting the week of January 12. The work includes grubbing and clearing of vegetation adjacent to the southbound I-5 off ramp, north of the interchange within the loop ramp and off of Kuebler Blvd. by the southbound I-5 on ramp. The work should continue for several weeks.
While there will be no lane closures or delays on the ramps or I-5, motorists should notice the increased activity. Also, the contractor may need to close the shoulder on the southbound I-5 off ramp to access the adjacent property. Motorists should be aware of intermittent flagging. In addition, the contractor will use Fairview Industrial Drive SE in Salem near where it crosses under I-5. Motorists using Fairview Industrial Drive should drive with caution through that area.
The clearing of trees and other vegetation is the first visible work on the I-5 Kuebler Interchange Project. The project is expected to go to bid in the spring with major construction beginning shortly after.
The I-5 Kuebler Interchange Project will address the increasing congestion at the interchange by modifying the existing southbound off ramp. The new ramp will meet modern standards and contain excess capacity. The project will also add a westbound to southbound loop ramp and modify an eastbound to southbound ramp, which will decrease the conflicts at Kuebler that have caused back-ups on I-5 southbound.
Most of the funding for the project comes from the Jobs and Transportation Act (JTA), approved by the Oregon Legislature. The project is expected to be completed in fall of 2016.

Know Before You Go

For the latest road conditions, visit:



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sumpter Scoop

Sumpter Scoop

Home of the Stingrays  

Sumpter Elementary School                                                   Janet Prats, Principal   

525 Rockwood St SE Salem, OR 97306       503-399-3337     www.http//

                                                                                                                                                      January 2015































Inside This Issue:  “Salem keizer public schools is an affirmative action equal opportunity institution.”


Principals Pen: Janet Prats Article & Calendar of Events


Stingray News and Middle School Update for 5th Graders regarding IDT’s


Counselor Corner, Parent Club news & Principals Pen continued…


Stingray News:

  • Attention all 5th grade parents:  The only time you may submit a 2015-2016 In District Transfer form for the Middle School level will be February 2 – February 27. During this time, parents will need to go to their HOME Middle School (not the one they want to go to) and fill out an I.D.T. form with them. Sumpter's office does not have any Middle School I.D.T. forms.  If you have any questions regarding the Middle School's 2015-2016 I.D.T. process or forms, please call your resident Middle School.  

           Crossler Middle School telephone number is 503-399-3444

           Judson Middle School telephone number is 503-399-3201

·         Important message to parents regarding dropping off and picking up students using the fire lane out front of the school:  A driver must remain at the wheel at all times.  You may not leave the vehicle unattended or parked.  We must remain in compliance with the laws regarding keeping those areas clear for emergency vehicles if needed.


  • Current phone numbers and addresses:  Please be sure to send updates regarding phone and/or address changes in writing to the office to update your student’s contacts.  It is important for us to be able to reach you when needed.


  • School Visitations:  We encourage you to visit your child’s classroom.  Send a note or email your teacher to schedule your visitation time.  You are welcome to have lunch with your child.  You are encouraged to schedule a conference when you have a concern about your child’s education program.  Always check in at the school office and pick up your “special guest/visitor” pass before going to the classroom.


  • Head Lice:  Head lice are a nuisance and a chronic problem for students.  Head lice infestation, or “pediculosis”, is a school restrictable condition by law (OAR333-19-015).  We recommend that parents monitor their students for head lice.  Students with live lice will be excluded.  A major symptom of infestation is an itchy scalp particularly behind the ears, on the top of the head and back of the neck.  Treatment for head lice is required before the student can return to school.  If you have any further questions, please contact our nurse help line at 503-399-3376.


  • Medications Reminder:  Parents are encouraged to administer medication to their children before and/or after school hours.  Prescriptions may be given at school only by trained staff.  Parents are responsible for bringing the medications to the school office and completing the Daily Medication Administration Record Form.  It is very important to remember that students may not transport medications on their own.  Please remember students may not transport medications on their own.  A parent must check medications into the office before we can administer medications to students.




Counselors Corner:

The Sumpter Giving Tree was a tremendous success!! Because of your generosity we were able to help multiple families put smiles on the faces of their children during the holiday season. The families were so grateful!! One parent with tears in her eyes commented that "now they will be able to have something under the Christmas tree." We only wish that those of you participated would have been able to be a fly on the wall to see the children's excitement as they opened your gifts.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your participation.


Gloria Flager, Counselor at Sumpter Vision: All students graduate and are prepared for a successful life.


Parent Club News:

Spirit Gear Information:

We have a few Sumpter T-shirt and Sweatshirts available to purchase: $12 for T-shirts and $25 Sweatshirts from the parent club.

Adult Sweatshirt XL Blue

Adult T-shirt L Gray

Youth t-shirt XS Gray

Youth t-shirt M Gray

Youth Sweatshirt S Blue

Youth Sweatshirt M Blue. 

 We have 4 people interested in ordering some other sizes, we need 12 items total to make an order. If you are interested in the ones we have available please email or if interested in ordering please fill out an order form located on the wall by the office and give to office with money.   


Principal’s Pen continued


… auction at Amedeus on February 15.  Many of these same parents are also preparing for the annual May Family Fund Raiser/Soc-hop as well.  The success of both of these events are dependent upon the generosity of donated goods and services.  Some popular items being sought are medical and legal services, outdoor experiences (e.g. guided fishing tours), sports equipment, vacation rentals, restaurant and hotel donations, lottery tickets, entertainment tickets, sports tickets, retail items and gift certificates, etc.  Be sure to watch for lists of suggested items in the next couple of newsletters.  You can contact Michelle Muth or Jennifer Koenig at if you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help with soliciting items.


Cold and flu season is full swing so be sure to remind your children to wash their hands with soap and water as often as possible.  Washing hands several times a day is the best way to prevent spreading germs that cause colds or the flu. Here are 5 Steps for Proper Hand-Washing: If using soap and water for hand-washing, wet your hands with clean water- apply soap- lather all surfaces by rubbing hands together- rub hands together for 20 seconds- thoroughly rinse hands under running water to remove germs- use a paper towel to dry hands and then, if possible, use a paper towel to turn off the faucet. If you use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, apply product to one palm, rub your two hands together, making sure to reach all surfaces, and continue rubbing until hands are dry. Preventing a week or two of misery from the common cold or flu will be well worth those 20 seconds spent with soap and water.


Please join me for another "coffee talk" in my office Friday, February 6, at 9:30 a.m. to discuss ideas for the school and just get to know each other better.  I look forward to seeing you there.


Happy New Year!


Janet Prats