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Sumpter Parent Teacher Club Notes

Sumpter Parent Teacher Club Notes

June 7, 2016


1. Welcome and Introductions: Attendance: Brittnay Springer, Jenny Hannant, Rene Tyson, Alicia Matson, Jennifer Koenig, Melissa Wellard, Ginger Stover, Jessica McAllister, Faith Branson, Casie Mendez, Janet Prats, Roe Ochoa

2. Approval of May's Meeting Minutes

Jenny Hannant motioned to approve, Jennifer Koenig 2nd, passed.


3. Treasurer's Report

    We end the year allocating funds so that teachers can anticipate the funds that they will have available for their classrooms next school year. There was much conversation about the cost of field trips.  Alicia Matson plans to create a folder detailing the costs of different field trips classes have taken in the past so that they can plan accurately for future trips.  Parents brainstormed ways to make field trips more affordable (Cost of bus rental & driver is a major expense but it is against district policy to let parents and kids carpool).  Janet said that she would check into the following with the school district:  If a parent has a license to drive a bus, could they volunteer their time to drive for field trips?  Other ideas: Bring experts into the classroom for an “in house” field trip.  If you have more ideas—please reply via email.


Each of the expenditures that needed to be allocated for the beginning of next year were discussed (10 categories) and Casie Mendez motioned to approve the budget for 2016-2017 school year, Ginger Stover 2nd, passed.


Childcare for monthly meetings                $200

Staff Appreciation                                   $250

Printing for new year packets                     $100

Climate committee                                  $400

Artist in Residence                                 $2500

Field Trips                                             $7400

Curriculium- Moby Max/Weekly Readers $2600

Classroom accounts                                $8400 ($400 each)

Music/PE Classrooms                            $400 ($200 each)

Jog-a-thon                                             $1500



4. Fund Requests: NONE



5. Scheduling for 2016-2017


Schedule Jog-a-thon:  After discussion, Jennifer Koenig Motioned to hold the Jog-a-thon on October 7th, Casie Mendez 2nd , passed.


Schedule Parent Teacher Club Meeting times for next school year: After discussion and a desire for more parents to have the opportunity to attend it was decided to begin next year’s meetings at 6:45pm the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Jennifer Koenig reminded us that it is only eight nights for the entire school year and the decisions that are made directly affect the students’ quality of experience in elementary school.


6. Vote on getting a private bank account

    Discussion: Up until now, the PTC has been running its money through Sumpter (and the school district).  Systems for accountability enforced at a district level are very lengthy. (For example, if a parent purchases food or games for a PTC event then submits a reimbursement request, eight different people must approve the reimbursement before the parent receives a check from the district. The approximate turn-around time has been between 6-8 weeks.)  If Sumpter’s PTC operates its own bank account, then reimbursements can be submitted and dispersed much faster.  There is very minimal cost to the PTC for operating a bank account—however, the treasurer’s hours are increased significantly. Alicia Matson (Treasurer) requested that if the parent club begins to net over 50k/year that they hire outside help.  Jennifer Koenig motions to move PTC money to a private account operated by the PTC.  Alicia Matson 2nds, motion passed. The people who have access to the new bank account will be: President Jennifer Koenig, Vice President Jenny Hannant and Treasurer Alicia Matson.  Parents have been asking about obtaining a card reader so that credit cards can be used for making purchases at PTC sponsored events.  Obtaining a card reader for a non-profit organization adds additional fees that will have to be researched and voted upon in the future.


7. Upcoming Events : School BBQ June 8th, Volunteer Appreciation June 9th in the Library 4-4:30, Kinder Graduation June 10th at 2:30, 5th Grade Graduation June 13th at 9:45am, Field Day June 14th


8. Other Business:

Ro Ochoa representing 5th grade teachers thanked the parent club and the school for supporting the 5th grade outdoor school this year.  “We couldn’t have done it without you. It was such a great time.  Thank you for your support.” PTC thanked Ro and his leadership in providing such an awesome time where the students can learn so much about science and the outdoors in a unique environment.


Rene Tyson and Casie Mendez reported back after speaking with parents in regards to building a new cafeteria for the school:  There is a strong interest in keeping lunchtime in the classrooms.  However, there is also concern among parents that something must change in regards to the short time that students have in the mornings to eat breakfast and how disruptive breakfast in the classroom seems to be to morning routines.  There is some interest in beginning fundraising for a new gym.  Parents and Teachers--please email the parent club if you have ideas for projects/needs for which you would like to see the PTC raise money (in addition to the PTC’s stated purpose, which is to fund field trips and the artist-in-residence).  Janet Prats said that it looks like a bond measure may be coming in the next couple of years to support Salem/Keizer’s building needs and if PTC wants to build a new gym, it may be a good time to start planning and possibly work together with the district to share funding efforts.  


New playground set to be installed this summer.


Concerns about Tuesday morning assemblies were voiced.  Mrs. Prats said that the assemblies will be a part of the normal routine next year and that changes will be made to improve them.


8. School Report:

Next year Sumpter will have a new school counselor, as Gloria Flagger is retiring --We love you Gloria! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our school!

An additional 4th grade classroom will be added next year.

An ESOL teacher will also be hired.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sumpter Parent Club

Sumpter Parent Teacher Club Agenda

June 7, 2016


1. Welcome and Introductions


2. Approval of May's Meeting Minutes


3. Treasurer's Report

            -Vote on budget for 2016-2017 School year


4. Fund Requests



5. Scheduling for 2016-2017


            Schedule Jog-a-thon


            Schedule Parent Teacher Club Meeting times for next school year


6. Vote on getting a private bank account
            Student store funds


7. Upcoming Events


School BBQ June 8th


            Volunteer Appreciation June 9th in the Library 4-4:30


            Kinder Graduation June 10th at 2:30


            5th Grade Graduation June 13th at 9:45am


            Field Day June 14th




7. School Report