Thursday, July 30, 2015

Garage Burglaries!

You should be advised of a wave of garage burglaries in the area.  The common denominator seems to be either opening garage doors with remotes, or breaking into the garage through side doors, in search of tools.  I know of at least three police reports following the same pattern.  In multiple occasions, a white van with multiple people was associated with these problems.  The license plate of the van is 354 EWR.  While in the area, the van looked as if full of junk, and had several bikes roped to the top.  Police requested calling in to report the van's location in the neighborhood.

About a week ago, neighbors saw that same van parked for several hours in the close vicinity of the 5300 corner of Woodscape Dr SE.  It is believed someone very near that corner was arrested a few days earlier than that for breaking into cars in the neighborhood.  Irrespective of what the exact arrest address might be, at first glance it appears the people in the van might have local "friends".