Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Transportation Improvement Program needs your vote!

Dear Neighborhood Associations,


The SKATS Metropolitan Planning Area (MPO) has approximately $5 million in federal transportation funds to allocate to eligible projects as part of the SKATS Transportation Improvement Program. 


Eight applications have been received. The projects will go through a review and prioritization process, with a final public involvement period of the recommendations in January/February of 2018.


Now is your first opportunity to comment on these projects.  The project applications are posted on the MWVCOG website, as well as the schedule, and there is an interactive map of the projects where you may provide comments on each project.  They welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to share this information with your members and on your social medial platforms such as Facebook or NextDoor.


Once public review and comments have been completed, the Policy Committee will hold a public hearing in February 2018 and then decide on the final awards.  For more information or questions, contact Karen Odenthal at or 503-540-1608.



Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sumpter November PTC Notes

Happy Thanksgiving!


Attached are the November PTC Notes.  A couple of important points to take note of are the following:

1. Mrs. Prats gave an explanation for the extra security at Sumpter last week.  Since then, the offender has been arrested.

2. Student Store is doing very well! It is raising a lot of money which is earmarked for outdoor school--because of student store, outdoor school costs are lowered for parents!  Liz Norris has put many hours of effort and pays careful attention to what will sell. She is also mentoring student helpers as they make change and run the store. In December, students will see little plants and gifts for parents & grandparents for the holidays at the student store. Thank you for your support! Please email PTC if you have any questions.

3. There will not be a formal December PTC meeting (typically it has been very low attendance, or ICED out). Instead, we will hold a PTC Holiday Open-house on December 17th from 5:00pm-8:00pm.  Please watch for flyer.


Thank you everyone who participated in bringing food for our teachers on Monday.

Have a wonderful holiday!


Rene Tyson

PTC President