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Sumpter Parent Club Meeting Minutes

Sumpter Parent Club Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2013

Welcome and Introductions- in attendance: Jennifer Koenig, Michelle Muth, Faith Branson, Deanna Tornow-Satrum,,  Shannon Elkins, Brittany Springer, Melissa Thiel-Stinson, Christine Deblock, Erika Kerr, Jessica McAllister, Alicia Matson, Dawn Castronovo, Janet Prats, Connie Platz, Chris Cain, Linda Young, Jane Morris and Tim Lewis

Guest Speaker- Jeff Kurtz from Salem-Keizer School District Information Technology Department came to speak about setting up Smart Boards, iPads and Apple TV in the classrooms’. He pointed out the benefits of using iPads vs. Smart Boards; both would require Apple TV wireless technology and the cost to set up would be approximately $100 each, plus all projectors would need a $50 HDMI adapter as well. Some of the points he brought up:

·         Teachers would be able to interact with students without needing to stand at the front of the room or blocking any Boards that the children would be working on.

·         EduCreations, a white board app is great for group lessons; it can record any lesson and is able to email parents with the lessons that an absent child may need for homework.

·         Students and other classrooms would be able to take over the Board so, he did bring up classroom management and how all teachers would be able to set any necessary “blocks” to prevent children from accessing anything inappropriate.

·         There was discussion about what the cost would be for content licensing and who would be responsible for paying the fees. Jeff pointed out that most apps for these devices are free of charge and a discussion ensued about is there were apps that cost, maybe each teacher could be given a iTunes card with a set amount to use for the year and that maybe those fees could come out of Parent Club budget.

·         Teachers would be given full training by the District IT Department on how to use all devices and Jeff said that this could be flexible for the teachers and he could do all training on site.

·         The hope is that Apple TV’s would be in place by Christmas time as well as placing the document cameras that need to be hung in the LRC, EGC and the B Kiva.

·          The plan would be to hold a special presentation for parents to be able to attend and learn more about the new technology being added to the classrooms.


Approval of September Minutes- Jennifer pointed out two amendments that needed to be made to the September minutes prior to approval: A vote was necessary to approve the budget that was discussed at the last meeting; voting and approval was made. A vote was necessary to approve the fund request made by Jennifer for $150 seed money for a box top contest that will be held later this school year; voting and approval was made. Faith Branson motioned to approve September minutes, with the two amendments noted. Michelle Muth seconds the motion. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report- Since the regular Treasurer was unable to attend; Jennifer reported that a $961.00 deposit had been made to order Sumpter T-Shirts, payments of expenses that added up to $271.73 and paying out the full $7,500 that was budgeted for all classroom accounts; leaves $10,525.08 in the school account to budget with, not counting the proceeds from the Jog-A-Thon on October 10th.

School Report- Mrs. Prats reported that as of 10/8 there were a total of 495 students enrolled at Sumpter, meaning that the school is full and all classes are at capacity. To further report on this matter, Mrs. Prats has been hiring an overload of Instructional Assistants that would put extra help in all of the 1st grade classes for 2.00 hours per day, as well as giving some extra support to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. She finished her report with the big announcement that Sandy Husk, Superintendent of Schools, is resigning her position, she has taken another position as CEO of AVID, there is a search for another Superintendent to replace her. Mrs. Prats stated that Sandy Husk would be meeting with all school leaders to discuss what her plans will be for her departure.

Committee Reports- Michelle Muth reported that the annual Jog-A-Thon is this Thursday, October 10th; hoping for another successful year and dry weather! Dixie cups (for water stations) are still needed and coolers for popsicles.

Jennifer reported that she will be collecting Box tops through Friday, October 25th to be able to count and prepare for her mailing on October 30th. Reminder, Box tops and Campbell’s labels are collected ALL YEAR J

The Yearbook Committee still needs some volunteers for page layout; there are enough photographers on the committee.  The committee’s very first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 10/10/13 at 5:30pm.

Scrip- Faith Branson reported that Donna Robison is checking on how to set up our account; as well as there was still some education on how to set up procedures and what kind of timeline to follow. There was discussion that since this was as new fundraising program to Sumpter and still uncertain how successful it would be, that this year Scrip would be in pilot status.

School Store- There has been interest in setting up the school store again for the B and C Kivas only, the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have really enjoyed it in the past years. All funds from the sales would go to help offset the costs of the 5th grade OMSI Field Trip. A volunteer or two that would be available to help for 1 hour each Wednesday (during lunch recesses) is needed. Please email Jennifer at for questions or if anyone can help!

Calendar- Jog-A-Thon already discussed above. There is a Book Fair scheduled for December 3-9. On Friday, December 6th a Fun Night has been scheduled where kids can come in the evening in their pajamas and watch “The Polar Express”, there may be a Saturday morning time on December 7th to come to the Book Fair scheduled as well.

Volunteer Opportunities- the Art History Program is still in need of more volunteers, there is one volunteer that would be a great leader that is interested, but she will need some helpers.

24 Math Club still needs volunteers that can run the club 2 or more mornings a week from 8:30-9:15am.

Book Fair- will need a lot of volunteers to help set up, run it, etc. Sign-up sheets will be posted, be on the lookout for them!

Giving Tree- Sumpter’s new counselor will be heading up this year’s Giving Tree and she will defiantly be looking for volunteer helpers. The Giving Tree usually starts the week of Thanksgiving Conferences.

Yearbook: Still in need of volunteers to help with page layout…thank you to all of our photographers in place!

Staff Appreciation- Sumpter’s annual Staff Appreciation week is scheduled for the first week in May 2014. 

Auction/Raffle- will be scheduled in May 2014 as well.

Fund Requests- Jennifer requested $21.99 for a new deposit stamp. Jessica McAllister made a motion to approve the request. Christine Deblock seconds the motion. All voted and motion was approved.

Jennifer searched for a chair rack for the extra chairs that are available and requested $258.20 to purchase it. Michelle Muth made a motion to approve the request. Deanna Tornow-Satrum seconds the motion. All voted and motion was approved.

Mrs. Morris (Health Club) requested $300 for the supplies to make a Stingray costume to wear at school functions. A local seamstress is donating her time to make the complete costume. Jessica McAllister made a motion to approve the request and Michelle Muth second the motion. All voted and motion was approved.

Other Business- Jennifer discussed that last year the Parent Club told Mr. Lewis (Music) that the PTC would replace one set of risers each year; maybe setting aside some fundraising money to honor that agreement was brought up and it was decided that Jennifer would look into the cost of risers and bring that information to a future meeting.

Next Meeting will be Tuesday, November 12th at 4:00pm.

Meeting adjourned at 5:25pm.

Submitted by Deanna Tornow-Satrum



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sumpter Parent Club Tuesday October 8th at 4 p.m.

Sumpter Parent Club Agenda

October 8th, 2013

1.      Welcome and Introductions

2.      Guest Speaker-Salem Keizer School District Information Technology Department

3.      Approval of September Minutes

4.      Treasurer’s Report

5.      School Report - Ms. Prats

6.      Committee Reports


Boxtops/Campbells Labels



School Store


      7.  Calendar

            Oct 10th – Jog-a-thon

            Dec 3rd -9th Book Fair

8.       Volunteer Opportunities


            Art History program

            24 Math Club

            Book Fair

            Giving Tree


            Teacher Appreciation in 2014

            Auction/Raffle- 2014   


         9.  Funds requests

            -$21.99 for a deposit stamp for the Parent Club

            -$300.00 for a chair rack for the school


        10.  Other Business