Friday, June 23, 2017

Sumpter June 2017 Meeting Notes

PTC June 2017 Meeting Notes

1.       Welcome and introductions

Attendance: Tony Penrose, Alicia Matson, Jennifer Koenig, Rene Tyson, Jenny Hannant, Ginger Stover, Amy Tanikawa, Michelle Morrow, Kent Eiter, Janet Prats, Ro Ochoa, Karen Ochoa, Jane Morris, Faith Branson

2.                   Approval of May Minutes: Jenny Hannant motioned to approve, Tony Penrose seconded, motion passed.

3.                   School Report Mrs. Prats:

a.2 students (auction winners) were principal for a day-went well

b. Staffing changes for next year: Brittney Oliver moved to LRC , some teachers switched grades that they are going to teach. Mrs. Prats is trying hard to not have any grade blends but won’t know for sure until all students enroll at the beginning of September. If you know someone who is going into Kindergarten PLEASE encourage them to enroll asap.

4.                   Next year’s budget: PTC reviewed each line item in the budget, made adjustments as needed and voted to allocate next year’s budget. Alicia Matson motioned to approve $44,050 for next year’s budget and Jenny Hannant seconded the motion, motion passed.


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